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A Hobart outdoor running crew treading roads and trails to stay healthy and connected

Tread aims to build a community of awesome humans who love running.
Through our coaching, you will see real improvements to your technique and fitness, and feel confident to kick some serious trail running goals!
Our coached running groups are for people of all skill levels who desire to be part of a supportive crew, improve technique, and escape into the beautiful Hobart scenery on both roads and trails.

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Kunanyi mountain run + tread

Latest news!

Tread was incredibly proud to partner with kunanyi Mountain Run in 2024, head to the Steps to kMR: By Tread page to find out how it went!

Term Dates 2024

TERM 2: 2 MAY – 4 JULY


Your down to earth trail running coach who used to hate running. Lisa slowly, very slowly, fell in love with running once she realised that in those quiet moments when it’s just her legs, the trails, and nature, she could live freely.
Lisa could ride a horse before she could run and spent most of her time in the outdoors. Growing up in a family of competitive horse riders helped shape her positive, encouraging attitude. Becoming a teacher felt like a natural progression of her personality and after becoming a Mum, she’s gotten run coaching accreditations to add to her experience.
Lisa has spent the better part of a decade running on roads and trails, mountain biking and hiking but she insists that she’s still learning, just like most of her clients.
Anything worthwhile is challenging and Lisa loves being able to share the gifts of the trail with others. And it’s not just the physical evolution she witnesses in her running pack, it’s the mental and emotional journey they take toward reducing stress, self-care and becoming healthier versions of themselves.
When you run with Lisa, it’s like running with a best friend, one who can help inspire and teach you everything she’s learned, at a pace that works for you as an individual. 


I am always happy to have a chat about your running goals and our training squads. Please shoot me an email below.